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AMA: August Edition

AMA: August Edition

You’ll learn: The ideal number of high-intensity workouts to do for your goal; a surprising way to approach exercise while traveling.

Quick Notes:

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Today’s questions came from two 2% Founding Members.

The first question is: How many intense workouts should I do each week? This answer explores:

  • How to tailor intense exercise to your goal.
  • The upsides and downsides of hard exercise.
  • What constitutes an intense workout? (Definition).
  • Research on the effects of high-intensity training.
  • How the effects of high-intensity training change as we age.
  • How to fit high-intensity exercise into your life depending on how many days a week you exercise.

The second question is: What’s a good exercise protocol for traveling? (Especially air travel, where you can’t bring equipment.) We look at:

  • How I approach exercise while traveling.
  • How to use hotel gyms better.
  • The psychological upsides of re-framing travel workouts.
  • The fundamental workout framework you can do in your hotel room or even the worst hotel gym.

Let’s roll … below you’ll find:

  • Audio of the post.
  • Show notes featuring deeper descriptions of the information and links.
  • A transcript for people who prefer to read.

Audio/Show Notes/Transcript